5 Secrets for Making The Most of Your Home Interiors


We all want to make our homes looking like we’ve hired the best interior designers. The good news is that you can now make the most out of your home interiors without spending a fortune by using the services of an upholstery repair specialist in Auckland.

Here are 5 secrets for making your home look brand new without hiring an expensive interior designer.

1. Check out the Most Creative Magazines and Websites

For starters, you can take a peek at your favourite creative magazines and websites to find inspiration for your next remodelling project. Pinterest is one of the best places to start because most of the homeowners who crave amazing home interior design are avid “pinners”.

Go on Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr and other social networks, blogs, and online magazines and start hunting for ideas. You will definitely find some inexpensive ideas to put into practice.

2. Use the Right Colour Schemes

Now that you have an idea on what style would fit your home, you need to choose a proper colour scheme. Usually, you need to mix three main colours in order to find your scheme. One main colour is for the walls, one for chairs and couches, and the third that gives a whole new aspect to smaller accessories such as pillows, flowers and knick knacks.

3. Add Some Texture

Texture is equally important to colour selection: The texture should be the same in each room and should differentiate from other places in the house. Consider a texture that complements the overall image of your room. Add other elements to enjoy an overall texture that pleases the eyes and creates a rich, warm environment that showcases your unique personality.

4. Use Decorative Bowls, Trays and Baskets

To create ambiance, you need to make the most out of accessories such as trays, decorative bowls and baskets. For a unique hint of glamour, try adding a beautiful gold tray to your side or coffee table: it’ll stand out especially well against dark, matte surfaces. Place a luxury candle on top of the tray and add to it some coloured stones, or add a small pile of colour complimentary books.

In case you want a more vintage appeal, you can add some woven baskets on each table in your house. Designers use baskets as flawless decorative features to hide clutter and improve the appeal of the home. A basket can easily collect smaller items such as perfumes and bathroom soaps.

5. Repair your Upholstery

Lastly, you need to ensure that the upholstery in your home is as good as new. To do that, you need to work with the best in upholstery in Auckland.

One of the best companies in Auckland that offers upholstery repairs for both homes and vehicles is Upholstery Specialists. This reputable company is specialised in quick and cost effective upholstery repairs, offering a wide range of services for furniture repair, home upholstery, car upholstery and marine upholstery repair.

You can now reupholster all of your items in the house and bring them back to factory standards in order to boost their appeal and prolong their life. Contact Upholstery Specialists at www.reupholsteryauckland.co.nz and enjoy a free quote and specialised advice. With us, you are ready to make the most out of your interior space.


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